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We would like to make this a central site of Peacock data that can be shared with other researchers and family historians. If you have extractions, wills, documents, compiled data, indexes, transcribed documents, or even old Peacock family stories, we'd be happy to post them here for others to see.

    For your convenience, each file is available in several formats:
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Description .TXT Format .ZIP Format .HTML Web Page
PERSI Peacock Surname List
submitted by Jeannie Rogers
persi.txt no persi.htm
Gunsmiths of the Carolinas
submitted by Jeannie Rogers
no na gunsmith.htm
Wesley Peacock House
San Antonio, Texas
submitted by Col. Donald W. Peacock (Ret.)

no house.htm
pic front of house
pic front porch w/people
pic memorial plaque
Civil War Pension Applications from the Texas State Library & Archives
submitted by Don Peacock
peacockc.txt no peacockc.htm
Descendants of Joseph S. Peacock
submitted by Joe Peacock
descenda.txt no descenda.htm
Levi Peacock Sr versus Levi Peacock Jr, Lawsuit, Barnwell Co, SC 1826
submtited by Don Peacock
levisrvs.txt no levisrvs.htm
Family History Affidavit of Cynthia Peacock Bryant (1783-1876)
submtited by Don Peacock
cynthia.txt no cynthia.htm
"Who is Cynthia"
by John J. Pierce, Historian,
Peacock Paths Newsletter Aug. 1996
cynthia2.txt no cynthia2.htm
The Old Oak Tree
by Harry Peacock
submitted by James F. Peacock
tba no poemoak.htm
The Invisible Hand
by Thomas Clarkson Peacock
submitted by James F. Peacock
poemhand.txt no poemhand.htm
More to come....