Peacock Paths

i. Peter Lewis Peacock (1804-65). Born prob. Edgecombe County, Wayne County. Married Sally Thompson (1809- 80). Children: Polly Ann (1827-92, m. Elijah Atkinson), William Alexander Smith), Zadock Marquis Lafayette (1829-86, md, Angeline Hooks), William Andrew Jackson (1831-1919, m. Harriet Amelia Hadley), Elizabeth Jane (1833-1905 m. Richard Atkinson, B.V. Smith), David Wasden (1834-1904, m. Emma D. Richardson), Peter Lewis Jr. (1837-64, m. Mary Eliza Price), Sarah. (1839- 1912, m. Dillon Hooks), George W. (1841, died infancy), Laura Margaret (1843-1914, m. John Tyler Smith),

(Editor’s Note: After the death of Lewis, Peter Lewis’s grandfather, Peter, was his guardian until the elder Peter’s health began to fail. In 1821 Robert Hooks became the guardian. Peter Lewis’s wife, Sally Thompson was his first cousin according to descendants.

Peter Lewis inherited a great deal of land from his grandfather and his father. He was a prominent person and owned several businesses. His son, WAJ Peacock’s home, still stands in Goldsboro.

His son, Zadock, was once involved in a lawsuit. One of Zadock’s friends or acquaintances had a problem with a house that he owned. A woman occupied it after her husband had left her but when the husband came back to the area and still no one was paying rent, the owner wanted the woman out even though she denied that her husband had moved back into the house.

This group of young men got a little overzealous when they went to the house with their friend and not finding the husband they tried to force the woman to leave the house. Seems that the woman refused to leave and they decided that the thing to do was to just tear the roof off the house! The woman accused them of causing her bodily harm but at the trial the judge dismissed the bodily harm allegations.

However, the judge did rule that tearing the roof off the house was not the best thing to do and that indeed the woman had suffered much distress from their actions. The owner was fined $40 and each of the others was fined $20.)

3. ALICE PEACOCK (c, 1805-after 1850), Born and prob, died Wayne County, Married Lewis P. Musgrave (1804-51) by 1824, Several children appear to have died young, still living in 1850: Martha (1830 m. Wright Blow, who administered Musgrave estate in 1851), William (1838), Frances (1840).

C. JESSE PEACOCK (ca. 1747-1804). Born and died Johnston County, NC and lived near the Wayne County line at the time of his death.

(Editor’s Note: Peacock Cemetery on Peacock Street just outside of Kenly, NC in Johnston County, is probably located on some of Jesse’s original land. Some of his descendant’s grave markers are there and there are many unmarked older graves which gives rise to the opinion that Jesse himself may have been buried there as well.)

Shown in the 1769 Dobbs County tax list as a son of John age 16 or older. Served in the Revolution, possibly as a lieutenant -- but some Revolutionary War vouchers, including that for Lt. Jesse Peacock may refer to Jesse Peacock (ca. 1750-97) of Fayetteville.

(Editor’s Note: Wilmington, NC, February 18, 1780, Petition for land grant suspension, by order of Gov. Richard Caswell as follows: (A.) I have suspended execution of a grant to Jesse Peacock Sr., due to a complaint of Thomas Saint, a Quaker. The land is 300 ac in Wayne County (formerly Dobbs) entered and surveyed by Peacock.

The land is between the late Lord Granville line and Aycock’s Swamp. (B.) I have suspended execution of a grant to Thomas Aycock due to complaint of Thomas Saint, this tract entered and surveyed by Thomas Aycock in Wayne. Thomas Saint claims the land in both tracts by: (A.) Purchase of an entry in Earl Granville’s office by John Weaver for 700 ac on both sides Aycock Swamp. (B.) Claims the land by his own ax, entry and improvement. Trial to be held. (I have not found trial records so don’t know the outcome of this petition.)

No will or estate record, but 1813 deed in Johnston County among “said heirs” has a complete listing of his survivors, including wife Elizabeth (c 1760-after 1820) and children Jacob, Jesse, Daniel, Elizabeth Jr., Sarah, Celah (m. Benjamin Holmes), Priscilla (m. Godfrey Stansell), Obedience, Zilpha (prob. m. Washington Peacock), Descendants as traced thus far:


1. JACOB PEACOCK (ca. 1778-1840’s). Born and died in Johnston County, NC, where he purchased the interest of his mother and brothers and sisters in Jesse Peacock’s lands. Married Sally Holmes (1785-1862), 1806, Johnston County. No will, but estate records for widow and son Bryant establish heirs.

i. Elizabeth Peacock (1809-after 1880, never married),

ii. Jesse Peacock (1811- 1880). Born and died Johnstorn County, Married Patsey, possibly a Waddell (ca. 1810-after 1860), c, 1835, Johnston County, Children: Polly (1836), David (1838-1900’s, m. Zilpha Holland, moved to Appling County, GA, John W. (1840-after 1882, m. Mary Ann Holmes) Lucinda (1842, m. Luke Sasser, Wayne County) James A. (1844-1900’s, md, Hosia Kennedy, Wayne County, moved to Wilson County) Zilpha (1847, m. B.G. Barnes), possibly Nancy (1853).

iii. Bryant Peacock (1815-78). Born Johnston County, died Wayne County, NC. m. Polly Rains (1825-after 1880), 1836, Johnston County. Children: Caswell C (1835-after 1900, md, Bethany Jones, moved to’Wilson County), Mary (1840), Amanda, 1845, m. a Williams), William Addison (1846-after 1880), Martha (1849-50’s), Caroline 1852-after 1900), Sally (1854-after 1880).

iv. Peter Peacock (1819-after 1880~. Born and died Johnston County, NC. m. Polly Pate (1825-after 1860). Children: Bassheba (1844), James (1846), Jesse (1850l only Jesse shown in 1860, but Bassheba named in 1862 will of John Pate as granddaughter .

v. Celah Peacock (1824-50’s?, never married or no children),

vi. Iredell Peacock (1828-1869), Married Harriet Balance, Will shows no children, but apparently cared for William L. (1848-after 1880, m. Unity Mozingo).

vii. Martha Peacock (1833-50’s?, never married or no children),