Peacock Paths


1. SETH PEACOCK (c. 1775-1834). Born Dobbs Wayne) County, NC; served War of 1812 there and moved shortly thereafter to Twiggs County, Ga. 3J 1830, living Houston County, Ga. (said to have been one of first settlers of Fort Valley, nor Peach County, and probably died there. Married Alice Hooks (1776-after 1850’s, living 1850 in Macon County, Children:

i. Drucilla Peacock (1799~1863). Married Howell Gibb, Twiggs County, Ga. Parents of Susannah (1819~31, md. Solomon G. Beckham, Pike County, Ga. ).

ii. Penelope Peacock (1799-after 1850, apparently twin of Drucilla), died prob. Twiggs County, GA, Branson Barden (1792-after 1850), Living in Macon County, Ga, as of 1850. Children still in household: Simeon (1833), Celia (1839), Susan (l840), John T, (1841), Henry C. (1845),

iii. Simeon Peacock (1801-20’s), Wife Mary, perhaps a Beckham; a Mary Peacock appears in later census. Only known child: Ada (1820-after 1850, md, Richard Walden, moved to Houston County, GA. Probably also father of Dupree Peacock (1823-94, m. Catherine Mott).

iv. Female Peacock (1803 or 1805?). Said to have married a Roberts.

v. Perry Peacock (1808-60’s). Born Wayne County NC, died Schley County, GA. Married Elizabeth Key (1808-1900’s). Children: Mariah (1832), Drucilla (1834), Georgia Ann (1838, m. Harrison W, Cockrell), Simeon M. (1840-63, killed in Civil War), Caleb Lafayette (1842-after 1900, m, Hannah Haynes), Robert Franklin (1844, killed in Civil War), Seth Clayton (1847), Amanda (1849, m. Newton Glover), Margaret M. (1832, m. James Thornton),

vi. Maranda Peacock (1810-after 1860). Born Wayne County, NC, died Macon County, Ga, md, c, 1833, Jeremiah Duke (1812-after 1860). Children: James (1834), Perry (1836), Lillian (1838), Alice (1840), Caroline (1842), Samuel (1834). Edna (1850), Catherine (1853), Peter (1855), Eulalie (1857).

vii. Raiford Peacock (1814-after 1870). Born Wayne County, NC, died Macon or Sumter County, GA. Married Martha Bradley (ca. 1818-40), Amanda Cunningham (ca. 1824-after 1870). Children: Simon Erastus (1837-after 1910, m. Sidney Kelley), Elizabeth (1839, m. Alexander Morris), Martha (1842, m. Jonathan Daniel), Mary (1846, m. Robert Johnson, _____ Cason), Mourning Maxie (1848-1916, m. Samuel Jackson English). George Dallas (1850-1931, m. Corinth Annette Rouse), Matilda (1852, m. Howard Clark), Samuel Raiford (1854-1928, m. Victoria R. Rouse), Georgia Ann (1856, m. Cullen Nobles), John Perry (1858-1900’s, m. Agnes Nesmith), Sarah (1860, m. Alonzo Jones), Seth (1862, m. Lillian Smith), Susannah (1864, m. John W. Rivers), Robert L. (1866-1900’s, m. Mary Jane Pugh), Julia J. (1868, m. John Barton).

2. STEPHEN PEACOCK (c. 1777-1819). Born and died Dobbs (Wayne) County, NC. Married ca. 1798 Nancy Ann Barnes (ca. 1780-1840’s). Later movcd to Houston Co., GA. Will, combined with subsequent litigation, establishes children.

i. Michael Peacock (1799-1873), Born Wayne County, NC, died Obion County, TN. Married Martha Applewhite (1804-69), Ruth R. Thompson, Children: Sarah (1824-48, m. Thomas Franklin Bruce), Alice Jane Emily (1828-49, m. John Anderson Cates), Lucy Ann (1831, m. William J. Graham), Council Mooring (1832-1916, m. Mary Ann Brock), John E. (1831-1911, m. Susan C. Price), William M. (1837, killed in Civil War), Henry Michael (1846-1929. m. Georgia Ann Watson).

ii. John Brown Peacock (1801-41). Born Wayne County, NC, died Bibb County, GA. Wife Mary ____(1810-after 1850. Known children: Samuel B. (1829-60’s, md. Margaret Ann McGuire), Melvina (1830, md. William M. Burge), Jane (1834, m. Bertram Tisserau), Amanda (l836).

iii. Delilah Peacock (c. 1804-40). Born Wayne County, NC died Macon County, GA. Married William McDowell (1804-after 1850). ~ Children: Mary E, (1827), Miles (1829), William (1831), Barnes (1833). Thomas (1835), Emily L. (1836), Nancy (1837). Elizabeth (1839, m. Matthew J. Marshall).

iv. Barnes Peacock (1809-after 1860). Born Wayne County, NC, died Macon Country, GA. Married Elizabeth Barnes (1817-after 1860), Children: Mary A. (1835), Seth Andrews (1838, m. Emma Hightower), Sophronia (1840, md. William Americus McNeil, David W. Alexander), Amanda (1842, m. Thomas Skinner, Isaac Griffin), Emaline (1846, m. Charles Guttenberger), Littletan Atkinson (1848-after 1880, m. Oriska Batts), Elizabeth (1850, m. Loverick Poole), Coleman B. (1853-after Civil War), John F, (1855-after 1910, md. Ginsey Parks), Catherine A. (1858, m. James Mitchell).

v. Arthur Peacock (1811-50’s). Born Wayne County, NC, died Jackson County, FL. Married Mary DuPree (1815- 70’s). Children: Nancy Ann (1835, m. William Snipe), James (1837-63, m. Matilda Varner), Delilah (1839-90s, m. Reuben N. Griffin, Joshua Jones), Mary F. (1842, m. John W. Wiliams), Martha Ann (1844, m. R.L.Williams), Joel Jacob (1846), Margaret (1853).

vi. Stephen Peacock (1815-50’s). Born Wayne County, NC, died Calhoun County, FL Married Rose Ann Barnes (1816- 50’s). Children: Sarah M. (1837, m. John A. Kelly. Ann E. (1839), George Washington (1841, killed in Civil War), John Wesley (1843-1910s, m. Mary Parrish), Martha Frances (1845), Rhoda A. (1848), James (l854).

vii. Peter Peacock (1817-60’s). Born Wayne County, NC dled Brooks County, GA. Wife, Martha _____(1828-50s?), One daughter shown as of 1850: Sarah (1848), Mother and daughter apparently died in 1850’s; by 1860, Peter alone and working on farm of cousin Simon Morris Peacock in Brooks County.