Peacock Paths

vi. Delamar Clayton Peacock (1824-82). Born Houston County, GA, died Thomas County. Married Mary Ann McKinnon (1829-83). Children: Malcolm Robert (1848- 1928, m. Leila Culpepper), Rebecca (1849-94, m. Anthony Wayne Ivey), Josephine (1852-1927, m. Abraham Foreman), Mozelle (1855-95, m. Hezekiah Roberts), Duncan Delamar (1859-1923, m. Mary Jeannette Reddick), Daniel Clayton (1861-1941, never married), Wesley (1865- 1941, m. Seline Egg, Edith Wing), Wealthy (1865-85, never married), John Howell (1869-1945, m. Marie Almeda Perkins). He owned a large Plantation. Delamar Clayton is buried on his Plantation in a family cemetery appox 6 mi. north of Thomasville, GA on the road to Pavo.

vii. Edna Zimmerman Peacock (1826-after 1880). Married Samuel B. Fairchild. Only son, Wesley Cader (1853-1895, wife Roberta S. Smith, four children).

viii. James Byron Peacock (1828-81). Born Houston County, died Twiggs County. Married Angeline Denson (1833-81), Sarah Elizabeth Jones. Children: Isaac D. (1857, died infancy), Clifford Glover (1860-after 1880), Rose Maude (1876-1967, m. William Custis Nottingham),

ix. Simon Morris Peacock (1830-67). Born Houston County, died Brooks County. Married Mary Jane Fairchild (1838- 1910, m. second Jesse Emmit Lundy. No children.

x. Robina Melvina Peacock (1832, died in infancy)

xi. Sarah Ann Peacock (1834-1900’s) Born Houston County, died Thomas County, GA. Md. 1st David J. Hollaway, 2nd William LeGrand Hudson (1832-1902) after 1881. Children by first marriage: William David, Ida Belle (c1863) md Tillman R. Benson, Cora L. (c 1865) md James E. Jessup, Zulene (c 1868) md. Robert B. Speer.

xii. Patience Pertee Peacock (1835-68), first child of America Howell. Born Houston County, died Thomas County. Married William Hamilton Hendry (1818-94). Children: Florence Amelia (1854-1927, m. Joshua Thomas Groover), James Edwin (1857-61).

xiii. Marietta McQueen Peacock (1837-81). Born Houston County, died Thomas County. Married William LeGrand Hudson (1831-1904). Children: William Henry (1858, m. Foxie Lundy), Sarah Eugenia (1860, m. William Cordell), Curtis (1862, died infancy), Anna Honorine (1864-1949, m. Jefferson Davis Frazier), James Robert (1867-95, never married), Elizabeth (1870, m. Macklin Jefferson Lundy), Bascom LeGrand (1874-1940, m. Rosa Dell Dixon, Zona Grinee and Elizabeth Asbell Stewart).

xiv. Polly Virginia Peacock (1839-97). Born Macon County, died Mitchell County, GA). Married Greene Smylis Jackson (1826-1902). Children: Ella Lucille (1859-97, m. James J. Jones), Walter Tyler (1861, m. Carrie Evans), Thomas Stonewall (1863-1947, m. Alice Grant), Minnie Lee (1866- 1944, m. Charles Kemp Daniels), Robert Peacock (1868- 1935, m. Ethel Lena Bowles), Katie Eulalia (1871-1957, m. Dr. J.B. Clark), Flora Bell (1874-1973, m. Charles C. Batey), Julius Victor (1877-1969, m. Cora Irene Bowles).

xv. John Tyler Peacock (1841-1922). Born Macon County, died Hamilton County, FL). Married Laura Frances West (1845-1933). Only child: Aretha Monger (1864-1925, m. James Alpheus Wilson).

xvi. Leitita Tyler Raines Peacock (1843-1916). Born Macon County, GA, died Manatee County, FL. Said to have narried a William Peacock (not found). Only child: Joseph Euen (1870-1911, m. Bassheba Herring),

xvii. Laura Rebecca Peacock (1846-1931). Born and died Lowndes (Brooks) County. Married William C. Morrow (1837-1904). Children: James Robert (1868), Viola Virginia (1869-1901, m. Wesley S. Glenn), Charles L. (1870-after 1932), Nina (1872, m. J.W. Reese), Walter (1874=1943, never married), Edward Herman (1878-after 1943), William Clarence (1882), John Gordon (1885-1945), Eunice (1887-after 1943).

xviii. Margaret Michell Peacock (1848-98). Born and died Lowndes (Brooks) County. Married Jesse Everett Hunter (1843-1920, m. second Laura Holland). Children: Olivia M. (1868), Edgar E. (1871), Hardy Robert. (1873), Rosa S. (1875) Margaret S. (1877), Jefferson Davis (1880-1964, wife Josephine), Lila May (1884, m. Rupert Cecil Rooks), Catherine J. (1886).

xix. Jasper Robert Peacock (1851-1904). Born and died Lowndes (Brooks) County. Married Catherine Virginia Neely (1852-87), Sallie Love Wooten (1868-1901), Elizabeth Aldredge (1893-1946. Children (all by first two wives): Mattie Leona (1873-4), John Neely (1875-1942m m. Annie Laura Rogers), Margaret L. (1877, m. Robert L. Bowles, _____ Lucas), Raymond Lamar (1879-1949, m. Blanche Schell), John Domingoes (1881-1951, m. Annie L. Peterson), Leslie Hugh (1890-1973, m. Annie John Aldredge), Florence May (1893-94), Bessie Pauline (1895-1976, m. James M. Atkinson), Robert Ivey (1897-1969, m. Frances Jolly Moore, Irene Mitchell), Samuel Moody (1899-1971, m. Mabel Young).

xx. Ulalia Peacock (1854-1932). Born Lowndes (Brooks) County, died Mitchell County, GA. Married George Washington Jackson (1834-1914). Children: Lula Virginia (1872-1951, m. William H. Brimberry, Dr. William J. Rhodes), Nellie Augustus (1874-1954, m. John B. Davis), Florence May (1876-1967, m. Durward Belmont Turner), George Pierce (1880, m. Mary Ellis McDaniel, Willene McDaniel), Harry Ural (1882-1965, m. Carrie Sealy), Jewel (1885, m. Dr. Leon Caldwell Patterson), Irvin Fenton (1888- 1967, m. Florence Vines), Lucia (1890-1933, m. Robert James Bacon Jr.).

(Editor’s Note: Wayne County Records show that 7 Peacock females filed Paternity Suits between 1808 and 1877, with most of them being in the 1830’s. Two Peacock males had suits filed against them during that period.)

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