Peacock Paths

Descendants of John Peacock

“This is the final installment of a series on descendants of John Peacock (died 1781) and Patience Raiford.

John Peacock is one of the sons of Samuel Peacock I (1692-1740.)
Samuel Peacock I is the common ancestor of most of us Peacocks. Samuel’s decendants … and there thousands of them… are referred to as “The Commoners”.

Previous installments have covered the lines of their children Peter, Jesse, Lydia (married John Watkins), Sarah (married Daniel Loftley), Simon, Lame John and William.

This one begins with their last daughter, whose given name is uncertain but is known from her father’s estate record to have been the wife of Robertson Matox (elsewhere spelled Madducks or Maddox), and concludes with their son Abraham..”

1. (PATIENCE?) PEACOCK (ca. 1760-after 1790). Married Robertson Matox, also known as Robeson Madducks or Maddox. Family may have come from Somerset County, MD, where a Robeson Maddox appears in early court records. Not found after 1790 in any census, and no will or estate to be found in Wayne County, N.C. Mentioned in Indian depredation records for Washington County, GA., and probably died there. Most probably father of Alexander (1776-1815) and Lewis Maddox of Laurens County, GA.

1. Lewis Maddox (ca. 1778-1845), wife Mary. Lived in Laurens County, GA.

i. David Robertson MADDOX (1800-1857, md. Elizabeth Margaret Lindner)
ii. James R MADDOX (1802-70’s; wife Mary
iii. Rachel B MADDOX b: ABT 1802 in , m. Josiah Ellington
iv. Penelope N MADDOX (1804, md. James Jared Trammell, Simeon N. Cannon)
v. John P MADDOX (ca. 1806)
vi. Lewis P MADDOX (1810-after 1840, md. Mary Sparks)
vii. Nancy J MADDOX (1815-after 1860, md. William Adams)

2. ABRAHAM PEACOCK (c. 1762-1832), Born Wayne County, N.C., died. Randolph County, Ind. A member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), his family is detailed in Quaker records, compiled in Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Jericho Friends Meeting and its Community and other references. Md. 1st Margaret Elliott (.c. 1765-98), Contentnea Monthly Meeting, Wayne County, N.C. 1782; 2nd Ann Joy (ca. 1780-1818), New Garden M.M., Guilford County, NC, 1800; 3rd Rachel Holltngsworth, Jericho M.M., Randolph County, IN, 1821. Moved to Randolph County, NC, 1797; Wayne County, IN, 1817; Randolph County, IN, 1818. Children proved by Quaker birth records as well as will.

1. PHERABY PEACOCK (17-83-1839). Born Wayne County. N.C., died Indianapolis, IN. Married 1807, Randolph County, NC, “out of unity,” Rev. Isaac Pusey Jackson (1789-1860). Moved to Indiana ca. 1820, rode Indianapolis-Whitewater circuit. Children:

i. Susanna Jackson (1810). Marriage, if any, and children not traced.

ii. Clark Jackson (1811). Marriage and children, if any, not traced. Believed died Indianapolis, IN

iii. Milasah Jackson (1813-35). Never married.

iv. Achsum Jackson (1815-99). Born Randolph County, NC, died Whitewater, IN. Md. 1837, Wayne County, Ind., Phebe Simmons (1814-70). 2nd after 1870 Lydia Shugart. Known children all by first wife: William Henry (1838-9J, Pheriba Ann (1841-1920, md. David R. Thomas, ancestor of Lowell Thomas), Abigail Jane (1843-70,- never md.), Martha Ferguson. (1844-1927. never md:), Robert Bums: (1845-8).’ James Albert (1848-54), Mary Ellen (1850, md. Oran H. Staley, moved to Hastings, NE), Isaac Andrew (1852, md. Ella Burgiss), Lucinda Ada-line (1856-64), Bollo (1862, moved to Portland, OR).

v. Daniel Jackson (1818-35)

vi. Henry Jackson (1820-1902). Md. Ann Marie McClanahan, Sarah Ann Price and Charlotte M. Cool. No children. Died Muncie, IN.

3. ELVIRA PEACOCK (1785-1827). Born Wayne County, NC, died Wayne County. IN. Md. 1806, Randolph County, NC, John Charles (1786-1826). Moved 1809 to Miami County, Ohio; shortly afterwards to Wayne Gounty, IN. Children:

i. Abram Charles, (1807-85). Md. J. Pool, 1828, “contrary to discipline;” Eleanor M. Israel, 1838; Ruth Keller, 1842. Moved to Fulton County, IL, then Jefferson County, IA. Children included Thomas (1844), Martha (1846), Sarah O. (1858), Louisa (1851)

ii. Samuel Charles (1809-after 1850). Living in Wayne County, Ind., 1850, m. Eunice S. Thornburg, 1831. Dismissed by Quakers 1831 for joining another church and distilling fruit. Children, if any, not traced.

iii. Sarah Charles (1811-89). Born and died Wayne County, IN. Md. 1833. “contrary to discipline.” Milton Thomburgh (l8l2-92). Known children Emily (1834-72),” “Willie” (1836-66), William (1838-41), Elvira (l84l -3), Thomas (1844-66), Oliver (1852-1938, md. Emma Ferguscn),

iv. Jesse Charles (1813-1851). Living in Henry County, IN, 1850. Md. Sarah H. Cook, 1844. Children Elvira (1845), Emaline (1847), Mary (1849), all living in 1860 with Magaret Wilson family.

v. Margaret Charles (1815-after 1l83l). Md. Gideon Wilson. Children: Charles (1836), Isaac (1839), Sarah (1843), Amos (1845), John (1847), Emaline (1849)

vi. Thomas Charles (1815-after 1850). Moved to Ohio, 1841, then Iowa. Md. Charlotte Johnson. Children included Mary (1863), John (1867).

vii. Mary Charles (1819-96). Md. 1839, Wayne County, Stephen Macy. Children Samuel (1840-1915, md. Rebecca Paxton), Rebecca (1841-44), Albert (1842-44), Eli Oliver (1844-1939, m. Mary J. Pearson), Elvira (1846-96, never md.), Charles (1848-1853), Guilelma (1850-1928, never md.), Joshua H. (1851-1906, never md.), John Charles (1853-1951, m. Adelia George), Anna (1855-79, never md.), Allen (1858-1940, m. Martha Ann Frederick), Sarah (1860-1926, never md.

viii. Eli Charles (1823-98), Born Wayne County, IN, died Henry County, IN. Md. Eliza T. Newby, Mary J. Howell. Children: Horace M. (1852), Edward (1858), both by first wife.

ix. John Charles (ca. 1825).