Peacock Paths

“Tails” Of Three Jim’s

There are at least three men with the name Jim Peacock in Peacock Family Assc. Of the South. All three lines originated from Samuel Peacock I (1668-1739), of NC.

They are Fla. Jim, Ind. Jim and Tn Jim.

Three families started in the same place by the same man, but now live in three totally different sections of the country.

Here are their family stories (tails)
1. Florida Jim
by, Mary Lou Peacock Taylor

GEN. NO. 1 - SAMUEL PEACOCK (1668-1739), is our oldest known ancestor. He was born about 1668 in Surry County, Virginia. He married Mary Stringfellow about 1700. They left Virginia and moved with their family to North Carolina as early as about 1720. He had a homestead on the Meherrin River near the North Carolina and Virginia border, probably his homestead was located near where the Great Wagon Road crossed the river. He died in North Carolina between 1736 and 1742.

GEN. NO. 2 - Two of his sons, SAMUEL PEACOCK II (1705-1793) and JOHN PEACOCK (1712-1781), along with their families, began the same migration route as their parents. Samuel Peacock II was born in Virginia and married Matilda in the 1720’s. He moved to what is now Wayne County, North Carolina about 1742. By the mid1740’s the Peacock Family was well established in early Johnston, Dobbs and Wayne Counties. He lived most of his life in North Carolina, where he died in 1793.

GEN. NO. 3 - Samuel Peacock II’s son, ABRAHAM PEACOCK (1732-1790’s), was born in Northampton County, North Carolina in 1732. He married Mary while living in Sampson County. His father gift-deeded 400 acres of his land grant to Abraham on Contentnea Creek in 1757. Abraham must have been an adventurer like his father, because within 10 years he sold his property and migrated further south to Orangeburg District, South Carolina in 1769. Abraham was apparently the patriarch of a clan concentrated in Barnwell County with branches in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. At one time, some of the Peacocks owned all of what is today Barnwell County, South Carolina where Abraham died in the 1790’s.

GEN. NO. 4 - Abraham Peacock’s son, SAMUEL PEACOCK (1760-1819), was born in Sampson County, North Carolina in 1760 and moved with his family to Barnwell County, South Carolina in 1769. He married Elizabeth Futch and in the 1790’s they continued the southern migration with their family to Hancock County, Georgia. He had a plantation of several hundred acres in Hancock County where he served as Justice of the Peace several times and where he died in 1819; a few years before his sons and their families left Georgia and began the trek by oxen and covered wagons into the Florida Territory as early as 1823.

GEN. NO. 5 - Samuel and Elizabeth Futch Peacock ‘s son, WILLIAM PEACOCK (1795-1858), was born in Hancock County, Georgia. William married Martha Patterson in 1814 and later, with their family, began the migration from Georgia into Campbellton, located in Jackson County, Florida in 1823. In 1825, they were two of nineteen new settlers that were original charter members of Campbellton First Baptist Church. It is the oldest, active Baptist Church in the State of Florida. In the late 1820’s, they moved back to Washington County, Georgia for a while before returning to Florida in the early 1930’s. After the death of Martha, William moved to Calhoun County to live near his son, James Jefferson Peacock, where he died in 1858 and is buried in the Ocheesee Cemetery in Calhoun County.

GEN. NO. 6 - William and Martha Peacock’s son, GIDEON PEACOCK (1830-1869) was born in Washington County, Georgia in 1830. Later, his family returned to Jackson County, Florida. Gideon married Martha Ann Dyes in 1854. They lived near the Apalachicola River in the area known today as Sneads in Jackson County where he died in 1926 and was buried in the Pope Cemetery in Sneads.

GEN. NO. 7 - Gideon and Martha Ann Peacock’s son, ADAM ELONZA PEACOCK (1858-1913), was born in Jackson County, Florida in 1858. He married Florence Hall on December 9, 1883. Later, he married Nancy Jane McClain. Adam died in 1913 and Nancy Jane Peacock died in 1921. They are buried in the Wester Cemetery near Grand Ridge.

GEN. NO. 8 - Adam Elonza and Nancy Jane McClain Peacock’s son, JOHN KINSEY PEACOCK (1896-1981), was born June, 1896 in Jackson County, Florida. He married Jeanette “Jennie” Stephens in 1914. According to the US Census in 1900, he was listed as a carpenter and in 1920; his residence was listed as Sneads, Jackson County. He died in 1981 and Jeanette Stephens Peacock died in 1985. They are buried in Dykes Cemetery, northwest of Sneads.

GEN. NO. 9 - John Kinsey and Jeanette Stephens Peacock’s son, ROBERT LEE PEACOCK (1917-1992), was born in 1917 in Grand Ridge, Jackson County, Florida. He married Susie B McMillon in 1937. Robert Lee died in 1992 and is buried in Cypress Grove Cemetery. Susie B McMillon Peacock lives near her family in the Grand Ridge Community.

GEN NO. 10 - Robert Lee and Susie B McMillon Peacock’s son, JAMES “JIM” PEACOCK, was born in 1949 in Grand Ridge, Jackson County, Florida. He married Donna Wilkie in 1987. Donna was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1959 and is a graduate of East Carolina University with a BA in Political Science. They have two daughters; Patricia Ashley Peacock, who is a Sophomore at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida and Caroline Alexis Peacock who is a Junior at Sneads High School in Sneads, Florida.

Jim is a graduate of Florida State University with a BS in Criminology. In 1971, he joined the Army where he attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, Military Police Officer. Later, he completed a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Police Administration. In 1976, he was hired as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, where he served for twenty-seven years .

In 2003, Jim and his wife Donna, who was also a Secret Service Agent, retired and with their two daughters moved back home to Grand Ridge, Florida to the area where his ancestors had homesteaded property in the 1800’s. Jim has been involved in raising a herd of registered Black Angus cattle for many years and is in the process of constructing a “retirement home” for himself and his family.