Peacock Paths

11. MARY PEACOCK. Not mentioned in Simon’s will, but some sources report she md. a Robert Johnson, mentioned in History of Macon County. Ga. Probably confused with a daughter of Raiford Peacock (1814-after 1870), who married a Robert Johnson in Sumter County, GA. But an earlier Robert and Mary Johnson possibly parents of North Carolina-born Johnsons in Macon County: James (1812, wife Sarah), Amos (1814, wife Martha), Luke (1814, wife Alice), Burt0n (1822, wife Jane), Riley (1824, wife Annis).

JOHN PEACOCK (lame) (1755-1828), son of John and Patience. Usually shown as son of John (1744-1829, m. Priscilla Worrell) and so listed in several D.A.R. pedigrees, For a number of reasons, especially the fact that he was born too early to have been the son of John and Priscilla, we believe he was a son of John and Patience themselves. Shown as John Peacock Jr. in 1777, in Revolutionary War accounts, next to John Peacock. Pos. wounded in war; believed to have enlisted May 11, 1778, for three years in Coleman’s Company, 10th North Carolina regiment. Prob. took on sobriquet “John Peacock, lame,” to distinguish himself from John Peacock Jr. of War of 1812, whom we feel was the true son of John and Priscilla. N.B.: Lame John died in 1828, before the John who married Priscilla Worrell, but latter’s 1829 will refers to his son John as if still alive. Lame John md. ca. 1774 Mary Thompson (ca. 1755-after 1828; in 1800 census, both 45 or older. Children, all identified by will:

1. MICAJAH PEACOCK (ca. 1775-1838). Born Dobbs (now Wayne) County, NC. First wife’s name is unknown. Living in Johnston County, NC, in 1800. Moved to Tennessee by 1806; living in Rutherford County, 1810; Wilson County, 1820. Moved by 1830 to Shelby County, IL, but returned to Wilson County by 1837 and married Rose Smith. Possibly father of:

i. Stephen Peacock (1815-51). Born North Carolina, died Hempstead County, AR. Md. 1840, Hempstead County, Ark., Matilda Y. Gibson (1817-1900s, died Lampasas County, TX). Children; Mary E, (1839, md, F.F. Lloyd), Milly A. (1841, md. J.P. Gibson), Elizabeth (1843), James Moulton (1845-after 1910, md. Martha A. Hooten, Hopkins County, Tex.; to Lampasas County, Tex., after 1870), Sarah F. (1847), John A. (1850).

ii. John S. Peacock (ca. 1826-55). Born Tennessee. Md. Martha A. Lane (1827-after 1860, 1846, Davidson County. Lived Rutherford County; 1850, widow Davidson County, 1860. Children: William H. (1847), Irene (1851), Laura (1854).

Certainly father of:

ii. Nancy Peacock (ca. 1804, md. Levin Woolen). Possibly parents of Martha Elvira (1827-1907, md. William Edwards, moved to Coryell County, TX. Children: Hyrum G. (1848-1901, m. Daisy Lanham), Levin James (1849-94, m. Lucinda Tennessee Smith), Nancy Jane (1853-1933, m. George W. Baker), Albert H. (1856-74), Sumner Marion (1859-1922, m. Sallie L. Boyd), Calvin Jefferson (1862-1935, m. Mary James Wright), Robert F. (1864, m. Lela Smith), Sallie Ann Elvira (1867-1937, m. Samuel Pinckney Warren).

iv. Mary Peacock (ca. 1806-40, md. Jordan Robertson. Children include Elizabeth (1827, m. William Brown), children Jordan (1847), Sarah (1849), Ellen (1853), James (1868); John (1829, md. Malinda McCoy, Brown County, IN, moved to Greene County, IN, then Stoddard County, MO), children Cornelius (1849), Winnie W. (1852), Joseph (1855), Pleasant Lewis (1859), Ailsie (1865), Simpson (1869); Micajah Robertson (1832, moved to Texas County, MO, md. Rachel A. Killian).

2. CHRISTIAN PEACOCK (1770’s-after 1828). Married a Woodard, possibly a Luke Woodard, mentioned in a Peacock deed. Positive identity and children not traced.
3. NOAH PEACOCK (ca. 1784-1824). Born Wayne County, NC, died Johnston County, NC, near Nash County line. Wife Elisabeth (1784-1850’s), possibly a Hinnant; She md, 2nd Hardy Pridgen, 1838, Johnston County, died Nash County. Children:

i. Hinnant T. Peacock (ca. 1807-60’s). Born Johnston County, NC, died Pickens County, AL. Md. 1835. Pickens County, Ala., Delinea Martin (1810-after 1860. Parents of William D. (1836-60’s, md. Cynthia M.A. Williams), Charity (1839), Noah S. (1840-80, died Houston County, TX, never md.), Sarah N. (1843), Anna (1846), James K. (1840- after 1880, md. Laura A. ______, died Sebastian County, AR).

ii. Anna W. Peacock (ca. 1810-after 1848). Married a Lee. Not yet traced.

iii. Alvin Peacock (1814-1903). Born Johnston County, NC, died Wilson County, NC. Md. 1838, Nash County, NC, Elizabeth Williams (1818-1900). Children: Noah (1840, prob. died Civil War), Cassandra (1843, md. Griffin Lewis). Joseph William (1845-1905, wife Jessica Susan, died Wilson County, NC), John Atlas (1850-after 1910, never md., moved to Pompano Beach, Fla., after 1900), James K. (1853-after 1910, moved to Carteret County, N.C., by 1900, wife Alice; to Pompano Beach, Fla. by 1910), Mariah E. (1857).

iv. Polly Peacock (c. 1816). Possibly died young

v. William R. Peacock (1818-after 1860). Born Johnston County, NC. Md. Eleanor Evans (1817-after 1860), 1836. Moved to Alabama by 1839, back to North Carolina by 1843, to Alabama again by 1048, to Hardin County, TN, by 1854. Not found in census before 1860. Children shown then: Williams (1839), Sarah (1843), Harriet (1845) Silvia (1848), Silvester (1848), Zadock (1850), Alvin (1852), James M. (1854).

vi. Zadock Peacock (1823-52). Md. 1849, Nash Comity, N.C., Eliza G. Winborn. Only child: Quincy W. (l852-60’s).

4. JOHN PEACOCK JR. (1786-1848). Born Wayne County, N.C., died Titus County, TX. Md. ca. 1810. Wayne County, Zilpha Thompson (1792-1865), first cousin; she md. 2nd F.W. Connolly. Moved to Marion County, AL., by 1830, Itawamba County, Miss., about 1838, Titus County shortly after l840. Children:

i. William Peacock (1811-64). Born Wayne County, N.C., died Titus County, TX. Md. 1844, Titus County, TX. Amanda Coffey (1822-64). Children: John A. (1846-1922, wife Elizabeth, moved to Fort Worth), Caroline A. (1848), Kittie Mae (1851-87, md. Charles P. Jenkins) Charles D. (1853, pos. md. Mrs. Rhoda Moore), Mary Belle (1855-after 1915, never md.), Ella E. (1857), Sarah (1860), Amanda L. (1864).

ii. Alfred Peacock (c. 1816-45). Bom Wayne County, NC, died Itawamba County, MS. Wife Lucy (ca. 1817-after 1860, md. 2nd Richard G. Carter, and widowed again in Texas by 1860). Children proved by estate papers in Itawamba County: John Calvin Columbus (1839-90, md, Edna Josephine Hayhurst, moved to Caldwell County, TX, then Gonzalez, County, TX), Milly F. (c. 1842, md. Janes F. Hare, not yet traced further), Cynthia Statira (1845-83, md. John Mannon Petty, died Bastrop County, TX.).

iii. Cynthia Peacock (1818-65). Born Wayne County, NC, died Bastrop County, TX. Md. 1836. Marion County, AL, William Levi Moore (1806-88). Moved to Franklin County, AL, by 1840; Chickasaw County, MS, by 1844; Bastrop County, TX, by 1854. Children: Alfred (1836. never md.), Catherine (l840, never md.), John Peacock (1843-64, never md.), James Henry (1844-1929, md. Roena Young, Ellen E. Goodman, died Brownwood, TX), Zilpha Ann Emmaline (1847-1932, never md., died Abilene, TX), William Aaron (1850-1922, md, Camillia Elizabeth Miller, died Brownwood), Candace Jane Holman (l854-1925, md. William Goodloe Miller), Jonathan Christopher Columbus (1856-1934), md, Wilma Walker, died Abilene), Charlie (1861-1948, md. Mona McCall, died Abilene).