Peacock Paths

iv. Brantley T. Peacock (1820-58). Born Wayne Comity, NC, died. Itawamba County, MS. Md. Sarah Jane Williams (1825-66). Children: Elizabeth Ann (l842, md. John Thomas Riley), James N. (1844-after 1866), John Thompson (1846-1933, md. Martha Ann Stovall, moved by 1870 from Tupelo, MS, to Gonzales County, TX; after 1900 to Bexar County, TX; after 1910 to Los Angeles, CA), Sarah Lusetta (l848), Joel M. (1850-1912, md. Zula V.L. Simmons, moved to Collin County, TX; Tennessee J. (1852, md. T.A. Beene), Louisa A. (1854).

v. Atlas Peacock (1822-54). Born Wayne County, NC, died Cass County, TX. Md. Mary Ragland (1829-94). Children: Emaline (1839), Cynthia V. (l841, md. J.P. Tremble), Lucy (l843-60’s, md. J.N. Holloway), John (l845), Mary (l847), James Brantley (1849-1928, md. Mary Jane Finley, moved to Tarrant County, Tex.), Atlas Jr., or Alfred (185l).

vi. Christian Mae (“Kitty Mae”) Peacock (1824-after 1850?). Born Wayne County, NC. Said to have md. Hadley Lilly; residence and children not traced.

vii. John Christopher Columbus Peacock (1827-69). Born Wayne County, NC. Moved to Titus County, TX, by 1848; San Saba County, TX, after 1860. Md. 1847 Emily Elisabeth Coffey (1827-68). Children: James Alfred (l848-after1910, wife Xenima, moved to Tarrant County, TX), John (1850-60’s), Joseph (1852-after 1880, md. Belle Hester, living 1880 Las Aninas County, CO), Lurinda Z, or Lulu (l854), Laura (1859), Mary Elisabeth (1862, md. John Allen Walker, died Brownwood, Tex.). Other children, all unmarried, with Joseph and Belle in Colorado, 1880.

5. BARNABAS PEACOCK (1788-1870’s). Born Wayne County, N.C. Moved to Leon County, FL, l842; Columbus County, NC, by 1860. Md. ca. 1815 Patience Martin (l803-after 1870, pos. not mother of Lovett). Children:

i. Lovett Peacock (l8l6-65). Never married.

ii. Curtis Peacock: (1818-89). Born Wayne County, NC, died Pulaski (now Bleckley) County, GA. Md. 1836, Johnston County, NC, Nancy Rains (18l8-70’s), Marie Morris. Moved l842 to Leon County, FL; by 1860 to Columbus County, NC, ca. 1875 to Pulaski County. Children: John H. (1837-60’s), Penny Ann (1842), Florence Carolyn (1846, md. Angus Patterson), Lovett Thomas (1851-98, md. Elizabeth Coombs), Lucinda Trescinia (1854, md. William Bright Grantham), William (1857, lived in Red Bank, NC).

iii. Mary Peacock (l822-after 1870). Born Wayne County, NC, died prob. Columbus County, NC. Md. ca. 1846 Uzzell Wood (1802-after 1870), Leon County, FL. Moved by I860 to Columbus County, N.C. Children: Elisabeth (1847), James Nixon (1849), Lovett (l853), Nellie (l857. md. William Stansill), Thetis (1860, md. B.L. Robertson ), William (l862), Julius (1865).

iv. Albert Peacock (1825-90). Born Wayne County, NC, died Pulaski County, GA. Md. Virginia O’Berry (c. l838-6l); 1867, Columbus County, NC, Eliza Jane Wooten (1846-1919). Moved to Pulaski County, ca. 1875. Children: Jesse Bartman (1856, died young), Julia (1858, died young), Jefferson Davis (1860-89, md. Ella Ashbum). Albert Jr. (l869- 1919, md. Estelle Andrews), Lola Virginia (1871-1923, md. Duncan McRae). Zebulon Vance (l873-1943, md. Bessie Irene Dekle), Manly Wright (1877-1903, never md.), Herbert Leonidas (1880-1951, md. Effie Studsill), Minta Royal (1883-1915, md. A.W. Jackson), Ralph Harris (1887-1960, md. Mae Urquhart).

v. Mazanie Peacock (1831-1914). Born Wayne County, NC. died Columbus County, NC. Md. 1850, Leon County, Fla., Benjamin Manning (1825-64). Children: Joseph Little (1852-1940, md. Mattie Woodard), Arabella (l854, md. John Hinson), Antoinette (1860, md. Kenneth Robertson), Andrew (1862, never married), Benjamin Jr. (1864, md. a Causer of Scotland County)

vi. Peter Lewis Peacock (1834-1907). Born Wayne County, NC, died. Pulaski County, GA. Md. ca. 1864 Sarah Ann O’Berry (1836-1907). Moved to Pulaski County, GA, by 1867. Children: Cletia Varina (1865, died infancy), Wilbur G. (1867-98, never nd.), Wilmer O. (1867-after 1910, md. Mary Loyless, Carrie Lowe), Virginia Roberta (1869, md. Jolin E. Harris, moved to Red Bank, N.C.}, John Barney (1872-1918, md. Pauline Whippo), Kemper (1874-1913. md. Jackie Thompson), James Peter (1878-after 1926, md. Ann Taylor), Walter Hunt (1885, md. Alice Christiansen, Sylvia Scolls).

vii. James N. Peacock (1838, died young)

6. ZADOCK PEACOCK (1790-1852). Born Wayne County, N.C., died Edgecombe (now Wilson) County, NC, where he moved ca. 1835. Md. c. 1811 Sally Martin (1792-1860’s). Will in Edgecombe County identifies most children, estate record of son Joseph the rest. Full list of children:

i. Joseph M. Peacock (1812-69). Born Wayne County, NC. died same. Md. by 1840 to
Nancy Parrish (1801-79). No children.

ii. Burkett M. Peacock (c. 1814-42). Born and died Wayne County, NC. Md. ca. 1839 Mary _______, Children: Virginia (1840-after 1900, md. Luther Pearsall, lived Wayne County), Ann (1842-after 1880, md. Robert Bell, Sampson County, NC).

iii. Lawrence Peacock (l8l6-54). Born Wayne County, NC, died Johnston County, NC. Md. ca. 1850 Mary Bridgers. One child, Sally (l852, md. R.M. Cox).

iv, Percy Peacock (c. 1818-36). Never married.

v. Gaston J. Peacock (ca. 1820-55). Born Wayne County, NC. died possibly Greene County, NC. Md. Wife (1830-after 1870) later md. John H. Hodges. Children: Ella (1850), Elizabeth (1852), William (1854). Prob. adopted Hodges surname.

vi. Elizabeth Peacock (1822-42), Never married.

vii. Calvin Caswell Peacock (1824-86). Born Wayne County, NC; died Wilson County, NC. Md. 1853 Ava Maria Heath (l838-60), md. l86l. Sarah J. Moye (1835-1912), widow of a Hadley). Children: Mary (1854), John R. (l856-after 1880), Nora (1858), Frances Martitia (1862-1941 md. James W. Ward, moved to Guilford County, NC), Etheldred Frank Ruffin (1865-1934, md. Ella Jones Carr, died High Point, NC), Thomas Hadley (1875-1903).

viii. William R. Peacock (l829-80’s). Born and died Wayne County, NC. Md. ca. 1856, Wayne or Wilson County, NC, Mary Josephine Applewhite (1839-75). Children: Romulus M. (1857-70’s?, reportedly shot to death while working on turpentine farm of Peter Lewis Peacock), John I. (1859-after 1910, wife Martha L., lived Wayne County, N.C.).

ix. Sally M. Peacock (1832-60’s). Born and died Wayne County, N.C. Md. prob. Wilson
County, N.C., William Ellis (1822-after 1870). One son, William (ca. 1861).

x. James B. Peacock (1834-after 1870). Born Wayne County, N.C., died prob. Wilson County, N.C. Md. ca. 1860 Sarah C. Pairrot. No known children.

7. TREACY PEACOCK (c. 1792-after 1830). Born Wayne County, N.C., died Johnston County, NC. Md. Phillip Pearce (d. 1824). Believed to be his second wife, first having been Patience Oliver (d. 1805). Children:

i. Needham Pearce. Not traced, but named in Lame John Peacock’s will,
ii, Elizabeth Pearce, Not traced, but named in Lame John Peacock’s will.

8. THEOPHILUS PEACOCK (1795-1856). Born and died Wayne County NC. Wife Charlotte (1796-1860’s). No children named in estate, and only two James and Mary, with parents in 1850). Other possible children included below:

i. Garry Peacock (1811-58). Born and died Wayne County, N.C. Md. Martha A. Herring
(1796-1857), Mary A. late (c. 1840-after 1860), 1858, Wayne County, NC. A son, William C., mentioned in estate papers. Less likely than Henry (q.v.) to be a son of Theophilus, shown in 1820 with only one son under 10.

ii. Henry Peacock (1818-60’s). Involved in Garry Peacock estate. Never married.

iii. James Peacock (1833-57). Never married.

iv. Mary Peacock (1835-after 1880). Living with Jeremiah Strickland (1809-after 1880) and wife Nancy in 1870, and married Strickland in 1871. No record of any children. Stepchildren: Nancy A. (1849), Joseph A. (1851), Nathan B. (1856), Sarah M.E. (1860).

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