Peacock Paths

William Peacock

By John Pierce
PFAS Historian

Editor’s Note: This is the 4th in a series of articles detailing the descendants of Samuel Peacock I of Wayne County, North Carolina (Near Goldsboro). Samuel I is the grand daddy of most of us Peacocks. Samuel I was probably born in Virginia in 1668 and died in Wayne County, N.C. in 1738. He had at least two sons: John Peacock (1716-1781) and Samuel Peacock II (1705-1793).

WILLIAM PEACOCK (ca. 1757-1838), son of John (1716-1781) and Patience Peacock. Born Dobbs (now Wayne) County, N.C., died Randolph County, N.C. No record of service in Revolutionary War. Moved to Randolph County, N.C., about 1802. Married twice, first ca 1786, Wayne County, N.C., Absilla Barden (c. 1765-1805), second 1808, Randolph County, N.C., Mary Hill (1783-1875, apparent childless widow, nee Thompson — her estate names mostly Thompsons), No will or estate record, but reciprocal deeds among heirs identify all children but Isaac, shown in 1815 Randolph County, N.C., tax list.

1. MYCHELLE PEACOCK (1787-1850’s). Also known as Michael, as in the more recent instance of Michael Learned. Born Wayne County, N.C., died Randolph County, N.C. Married ca. 1810 John Nance (c. 1790-1840’s). Will or estate record not found, but naming patterns and process of elimination (Other Nance families in Randolph County, N.C., are covered in The Nance Register, by Martin L. Nance) indicate children.

i. Absilla Nance (ca 1813-after 1880). Married Riley Hill, 1829. Children: Caroline Wallstaine (1830, m. Levi Harrellson), John Calvin (1832), Mary Ann (1835, m. a Miller), Orpha Starage (1837, m. William B. Yates), William Harrison (1840), Samuel Wade (1843), Nathan R. (1845), Jason H. (1849), Lucinda (1852, m. a Davis), James Bulla (1857).

ii. William Nance (c. l821-60). Married Rebecca Cody. Children: Anna Marianda (1845, m. Julius Hunt), Sarah J. (1846), Solomon Elson (1848-1923, m. Martitia Williams), Mary Amanda (1850, m. Richard Edward Crowell), John C. (1852), Apsylla (1856), Benjamin F. (1861-1915, m. Rosean Elizabeth Hammons.).

iii. Barden Nance (c. l8l6-75). Married 1837 Elizabeth Thayer. Children: John Buchanan (1840-1926, m. Columbia A. Williams), James E. (l842), Ashley S. (l846-1919, m. Eldora Jane Pool), Wyatt (l849-86, m. Nancy Virginia Goad), Mary A. (1850), Riley H. (1853).

iv. Hudson Nance (c. l8l8-82). Married 1838 Lovey Thaver, Children: Dorcas Elvina (1838-1921, m. Jonas C. Miller, William D. Cross), Martha Ann (1839-1928, m. Ransom H. Dawson), William C. (1843), John Marion (l844-1910, m. Susanna Thompson). Mary Jane (1846, m. Nicholas Jones), Azel Presley (l849-1929, m. Mary Ann Kearney, Mary Jane Finley).

v. Elizabeth Nance (ca. 1824-after 1910, m. 1844 Sion Hill. Children: Mary M. (1844-after 1910), Martha J. (1845-1924., m. Hiram M. Swaney), John L. (1847-1925, m. Lydia Ann Swaney), Jacob (1849?), Margaret (1852-1923, m. John Craves Trotter), Julia A. (1852. M. Nixon Swaney). Cyrus (1855), Nash Clarkson (1857, m. Ruth Emily Davis), Sarah (1859), Samuel H. (1862-1920, m. Louisa M. Thompson).

vi. Noah Nance (ca. 1826-91). Married 1850 Elizabeth Nelson, moved to Missouri by 1869). Children: Robert (1854), Ann (1856), Martha (l859), Samma (1867). John T. (1869), Ed S. (1871), Laura E. (1874), Charley (1878).

2. MALACHI PEACOCK (1789-1850’s). Born Wayne County. N.C., died Hardin County, Tenn. Married 1822, Randolph County, N.C., Sarah Randall (c. 1793-1840’s). Moved to Hardin County, Tenn., c. 1835). Children:

i. William Peacock (c. 1824-58). Born Randolph County, N.C., died prob. Hardin County, Tenn. Married ca. 1850 Martha F. ______. Not found in 1860 census, but apparent widow Martha in 1870, Hardin County, Tenn. Children; Sarah (1851), Benjamin (l853). Malachi (1855), Mary (1858). No further record.

ii. Rachel Peacock (c. 1828-after 1850). Born Randolph County, N.C. Married ca 1850 Asbury Hinkle (1828-after 1860), moved to Marion County, Ark. Children: Henry (1852-after 1900, wife Mildred), Jane (1856), Amanda Tennessee (1858-1925, m. William H. Larimore).

iii. Arthur B. Peacock (1831-1900). Born Randolph County, N.C., and died Ozark County, Mo. Md. c. 1854 Elizabeth Ann Ledford (1831-1922), moved ca 1858 to Marion County, Ark.; 1864 to Ozark County, Mo. Children: Mary H.T. (l855, died in childhood), William J. (l857-70’s, never married.), Sarah (l859-60’s), Eliza Ann (1862-after 1880, no marriage), Joseph (1862-1900’s, m. Florence _______), Frances Jane (1865, m. a Duncan). Rebecca L. (1868-after 1922, m. Jonathan E. Harper), Millie E; (1870, died young).

iv. “Benhofat” Peacock (c. 1837-70’s). Possibly. same as. John M., 1860 census; James N. in 1870. Wife Eliza A., m. second a Mullins after 1870). Children; Martha J., (1862), Joseph B.N. (1864-after 1910, living in 1910 with mother in Gibson County, Tenn., never m.), William G. (1866-after 1910, wife Helen V., moved to Crockett County, Tenn., after 1900). Robert P. (1860, no further record)

3. ISAAC PEACOCK (c. 1791-after 1815). Shown on tax list for Randolph County, N.C.
Apparently never married or had children.

4. PETER PEACOCK (1793-1860’s). Born Wayne County, N.C., died Randolph County, N.C. Married ca. 1821 Rachel Modlin (1802-60’s). No will or estate record found, so circumstantial evidence only for three of first four children, already married by 1850; as well as for Amanda, missing in 1850 census. Maiden name of Rachel Peacock known from Byerly family genealogy, which identifies Mary Ann as daughter of Peter and Rachel.

i. Mary Ann Peacock (c. 1822-after 1870). Born and died Randolph County, N.C. Married 1843 Eli Byerly (1816-after 1870). Children: Louisa A.J. (l844, md, Pleasant Calicutt), David Marion (1845-1925, BKI. Margaret Wood Hearne), Ephraim (1848, m. Elizabeth Styer and Louisa Calicutt).

ii. Penina Peacock (1824-after 1870). Born and died Randolph County, N.C. Married 1844 Alfred Duncan Trogdon (ca. 1827-87). Children: William (1845), Cenith (1846, m. Charles Smith), Ephraim (l848), Mary (l850, pos. also known as Adaline), Peter (1851), George (1853), Louisa (1858, m. James Russell), Rachel (after 1860, m. John Hackney), Anne (after 1860, m. Clayborne Moore), Cornelia (after 1860, m. a Hinshaw).