Peacock Paths

Known and probable children of Samuel III and Amy are as follows:

1. LEVI PEACOCK (1756-1822), Born in Johnston (later Dobbs and Wayne) County, NC; died in Wilkinson County, GA. Served in the Wayne County militia during the Revolution. married at least twice. First wife Jemimah Pearson, daughter of Jonathan Pearson and Rebecca Elliott, in 1778. Second wife was Martha ________, possibly a Bush, ca. 1811. Children were Pearson (ca, 1781-1845, m, Nancy Peacock), Catherine (ca. 1785-after 1822, m. Charles Keaton), John Thomas (1786-1820, m. Hannah Collingsworth), Amy (ca. 1787-after 1822, m. a Burleson), Jesse (1792-1870, m. Eliza Ann Hendry, Marietta Anderson), Levi (ca, 1795-1857, m. prob. Elizabeth Perritt, but definitely m. Mary Elizabeth Johnson Bell), Joseph Tarpley (1812-ca. 1882, m. Catherine Meredith), Margaret Ann (1816-after 1828), Freeman Meyers (1818-28), John Wesley (1821-64, m. Elsy M. Young) and Lewis Levi (1822-87, m. Martha Dean).

2. URIAH PEACOCK (1758-1846). Born in Johnston (later Dobbs and Wayne County, GA; died in Washington County, GA. Served in Revolution and was awarded a pension. Married twice, Tradition, original source unknown, gives first wife asrick tha t indicate he Susan; his second wife as Zilpha Hayle or Hoyle, possibly née Waddell (1798-1872), 1815, Johnston County, NC. Moved from Wayne County, NC, to Washington County, GA, in fall of 1820. Testimony in pension case establishes parentage by linking him as brother to John Peacock (1766-1848), known son of Samuel III and Amy, No estate record, but tradition and process of elimination suggests he is father of all or most of the following: By first wife: William G. (1784-1857), m. Hannah Brantley), Kinchen (ca. 1786-1860’s. m. Beady Peacock, Elizabeth E. Carter), Patia (ca. 1788-1857, m. Elisha Holland), Moulton (1791-1864, m. Annie Peacock), Sophia (1793-1860’s, m. Jethro Dean), Wright (1797-1880’s, m. Jerusha Cobb), Jonathan (1799-1860s, m. Sarah Tyson). By second wife: Mary (ca. 1822-after 1870, m. Philip B. Pearce), Uriah (1826-59, m. Mary Morris).

3. ABRAHAM PEACOCK (1761-1834). Born in Dobbs (later Wayne) County, GA. Place of death not certain, but last known living Perry County, Tenn. Served in Revolution and received a pension. Moved to Sampson County, NC, by 1790, Jefferson County, GA,, by 1801. Owned land in Laurens County, 1809. Pension testimony has him then moving successively to Rutherford, Wilson. Humphries and Perry counties, Tenn., but he may have spent 1809-14 in Rutherford County, NC, where an Abraham Peacock appears in the 1810 census and later bought land. May have been married three times; possible children include: By first wife: Eli Peacock (ca. 1780-1807, wife Mary); Amy Peacock (ca. 1782-1841, never married but mother of Elizabeth, m. Samuel Heald), Arthur (ca. 1784-1812, wife Elizabeth), Nancy (ca. 1785-after 1860, m. Pearson Peacock). Hypothetical second wife may have been the widow of a Rodgers, whose Rodgers children took the Peacock name but whose male descendants match Rodgers DNA: Bryant (ca. 1797-1843, widow Nancy), Edith (ca. 1799-1870, m. Seth Darsey), Cullen (1801-73, m. Polly Allen), Gatsey (1803-91, m. Josiah Boyett). By possible third wife: Stephen (1815-54, m. Matilda Gibson, died Arkansas)

4. ARCHIBALD PEACOCK (1762-1845). Born Dobbs (later Wayne) County, NC, died Washington County, GA, Rejected for Revolutionary War pension for want of records but brothers John and Uriah supported his testimony. Helped administer estate of Samuel Peacock in Washington County, GA,, 1816, Lived in Johnston County, NC, 1790; moved to Liberty (Marion) County, SC., by 1800; then to Washington County, GA, ca. 1805-10. Wife’s name is not known. No estate record, but family records indicate children: Rhoda (1788-1830’s, m. John Williams, Enos Hiatt), Asa (1790-1872, m. Dinah Rich, Dorcas Jones, Leany Wadkins, (fathered a child, Levi Betts Peacock b 1826, by Herkey Betts), John (1791-1877, m. Delilah Hayworth), Willis (1795-1860’s, m. Mariah ______).

5. JOHN PEACOCK (1766-1848), Born Dobbs (later Wayne) County, NC. Died Washington County GA, Married Edith ________, ca. 1795, Johnston County, NC; Unity Pearce (1780-1845), m. 1805), Johnston County, NC. Moved to Washington County, GA., by 1805, but returned to North Carolina for second marriage, Shared administration of estate of Samuel Peacock in Washington County, GA,, in 1814, and Bible record of son Asa Pearce Peacock proves him a son of Samuel and Amy. Children, all but the last by his first wife: Pearcy (1796-1826, m. Blake Bridges); Ann (1797-1868, m, Moulton Peacock), Washington Hamilton (1800-71, m. Elizabeth Jordan), Asa Pearce (1806-51, m. Mary Boatright).

6. JONATHAN PEACOCK (ca. 1768-1840’s). Born Dobbs (later Wayne) County, NC, Died prob. Muscogee or Talbot County, GA, Shown in Wayne County, N.C.,1792; Washington County, Ga., 1805; Pulaski County, GA, 1809; Twiggs County, GA., 1818; Talbot County, Ga., 1830; Muscogee County, GA, 1840. M. ca, 1806 Sarah ________ (1790-1850’s) prob, Washington County, No estate record. Widow Sarah was living 1850, in Randolph County, GA., with, Amariah Biggs Stubbs. Probable children: Levi L. (1807-64, m. Mary Short, née Lamb); Mary Ann (1809-93, m. Amariah Biggs Stubbs), Samuel E. (1816-70s, m. Elizabeth McKinzie, Ann Frances Jeffries), John M. (1818-60’s, m. Martha Cooper), Harriet S. (1825, m. Burton Boutwell).

7. MICHAEL PEACOCK (ca. 1770-1812), Living in Washington County, GA, by 1805 and died there 1812, Married Rebecca Daniel (ca. 1779-1832), who moved to Jefferson and later Burke County, GA, after his death, Nothing definite to tie him to North Carolina clan other than living in the midst of other Peacocks from North Carolina. Children: Irenia (ca. 1802-after 1832, m. John Smith), Rebecca (ca. 1804-after 1840, m. John Skinner), Michael (ca. 1806-after 1830, m. Ruthey Reed), Hannah (no further info), Harriet (no further info), John Daniel (1811-1901, m. Rachel Owens, Sarah Smith).